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Picture this: you have folks over for a jolly potluck and someone brings a steaming hot casserole dish. (we're not sure what, but probably something topped with crushed up Ritz crackers) You don't want that dish to scorch the delicate doilies you keep on your dining room table do you? That's where this trivet comes in.  This lovely piece of ceramic art will protect your surfaces AND show off the mountain state we all love so much! "Myrtle, how DO you do it?" your friends will ask. And in true Myrtle fashion, you'll just shrug your shoulders and offer a sly Mona Lisa smile in response. (But then you'll tell them you got it at Hinton Outfitters so they'll go out and get one too. Hustle, Myrtle! We've got bills to pay!)

West Virginia Trivet

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